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Aegipix 3D Studio created in 2013 
by people who have the same passion in the field of architectural 3D visualization

We provide to visualize dreams and designs of people we are working with, including architects and property developers by architectural visualization services

We will be giving the best pixel quality for presentation and publicity
It's our pride to be able to get your architectural design into perfection

With the core of the enterprises gravitating around the field of architectural visualization, the group's expertise has expanded to include creative direction, graphic and interactive design, and videography.

The organization today employs accomplished designers and professionals, Indonesia-domiciled.

Aegipix 3D Studio is at the forefront of architectural visualization.



Aegipix 3D studio specializes in producing high-quality architectural visualization


We have a wide array of talents & everything we do is created within Aegipix. From organizing, planning, executing and delivering, our in-house production team tightly collaborates to carry out large-scale produced.


Fast-paced expansion of technology keeps us constantly selecting something new and better to incorporate and advance our work. Not only do we keep up with the latest technology, but we develop our own.


We have the expertise for measuring 3D rendering in detail. This enables us to fine-tune a strategy to best fit our client´s needs as well as to present an aftermath following implementation.


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