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Aegipix 3D studio specializes in producing high-quality Architectural Visualization

For several years, Aegipix 3D Studio has been creating Architecture Visualization for architects, interior designers, property developers, marketing agencies, estate agents, and landscape planners. We turn blueprints and concepts into reality. Our visualization tools allow the real estate industry to demonstrate the potential of new projects — before one shovelful of dirt has even been dug.


Aegipix combines artistic and disciplined work ethics to breathe life into your thoughts. Your ideas combine with our visualizer can create perfect 3D images at efficient cost that can convince your audience in very little time. Since we have an architectural background, we are very comfortable in reading your drawing (digital or sketches) or coordinating with your designers.


Aegipix 3D Studio is headquartered in Indonesia, with an office in Bandung. Our clientele is global.




AEGIS - Protecting by God

believe that God as the True Architect of universe will always be our inspiration.


PIX - Pixel

organize amount of pixel for being excellent piece of works



"We want to develop the ability to inspire world by visualizing any designs, for anyone"



"Gradually craft excellent quality works at the shortest possible period"

Hello !!!

We provide a vital marketing advantage to our clients, turning their bold visions into breath-taking realities


Today, Aegipix 3D Studio remains at the forefront of excellence in creativity and architectural visualisation consultancy, with an eye clearly on the future, we embrace and explore the applications of new technologies.


We have an experienced, talented and dedicated team with backgrounds in 3d modeling, architecture, interior design, animation and video production, graphics design and 3d visual communication. We can well respond to opportunities, assess challenges and develop solutions, and because we are long-term visual artists, we know the importance of working with the visualizer teams and our partners to create sustainable long-term value.

Our expertise in this field has crossed international boundaries and has established our name as the leading firm.

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